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Stop drowning in expired resumes and unqualified applicants from big name search sites and job boards.


Blue Collar Elite (BCE) matches Applicant to Employer based on specific criteria and availability, from people who raised their hand and said "I want to, and can do the work".  More importantly, users are matched based on YOUR preset standards.  BCE was designed for this generation.  Forget resumes!  Users create a profile one time and update it as is needed.  In real time, you can see who's actually available for work in your area.  You don't have to monitor it unless you choose to.  If there's a match, users will be notified.  AND You can see it all from your smart phone (see here for instructions)


Time Saved is Money Earned, when Time is spent wisely!  Let's start making you more money NOW!

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Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace (see video below)


Search for free and find qualified applicants available for hire!


No more resumes. Create your free profile so employers can find you now!

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